Cynthia's Miracle Money

Cynthia's Miracle Money

Prior to this time, I had experienced severe challenges in my finances, so much so that I was forced to discontinue my university education. Things got even worse until I got a copy of the book, ‘How To Pray Effectively Volume 1.’ When the book was released, I knew that in it was the solution I needed..

I bought my copy and began to read it. As I read the chapter on ‘The Prayer of Petition,’ where Pastor Chris explains that the prayer of petition is a consistent prayer, in which you pray until you see a change, I decided to pray the prayer of petition, presenting my case before God. I had only prayed for two days when at about 10:35am I got a strange call from an international number. I answered and the caller went straight to ask if he was speaking with Cynthia when I answered in the affirmative,  he told me he was a Pastor Benaidi from Sweden who’s been sent to help me with the money I needed for my school fees. His revelation got me very uncomfortable, so I began to ask him questions which included how he got my number and my name and he explained a certain man had given my details to him in a dream; telling him of my situation and asked him to make the money I needed available to me.When he woke up, he prayed about it and the Spirit of God dropped the same number in his spirit and said to him "this is Cynthia's phone number, call her and give her the money she needs".

 When he said these things, I was so grateful and excited in my spirit, because I knew this was the answer to my prayer of petition He went on to ask me how much I needed and promised to send me the money. In the following week, he sent me the money which was the exact amount I prayed for.

 How to Pray Effectively" has changed my life!


Cynthia, Nigeria



0 #7 LINDA 2017-03-11 08:13
This is wonderful.God works indeed.
0 #6 CHRISTIAN ABORCHIE 2016-05-23 12:13
Miracles such as this can not be undermined; I can see God in action. Sister Cynthia, your finances from hence forth will be more stronger than ever before keep on building yourself in the word because "the word works". I am as well highly lifted by your testimony. Praise God forevermore!
+1 #5 Inakwu John 2016-04-11 08:34
so inspiring
0 #4 Alicia orim ogar 2016-04-11 08:05
-1 #3 Andrey Nepomnyashchy 2016-03-12 21:27
Wow so inspiring
0 #2 zoe christian 2016-03-03 09:54
kings kids re ordained to recieve from there father. i rejoyce with you,sis.
0 #1 Tudi 2016-02-26 22:31
Wow!! This is super glorious!!! In deed the Word of God works!!!!!!!

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