A Victorious Christian life!

Victorious Christian Life

I am so grateful to God for sending the book, “How to Pray Effectively” my way. I thank God for Our Man of God, Pastor Chris, whom He used to write the book. I also want to thank my Pastor, Pastor Mary Owase for taking out time to go through it with us. In fact, it has stirred up my life in a lot of ways. I must say that the benefit of the book far outweighs its cost.

The book is priceless! Pastor’s sentence formation was wonderful; very easy to grasp.

As I went through this book, my mind was opened to come to terms with how to live a victorious Christian life. Now, i walk in practical wisdom; prone to doing things right the first time. My words and actions are well guarded. What more, the book revealed to me the true value of speaking in tongues and I’ve discovered that as I speak in tongues with this new level of understanding, I find myself making the right decisions.

Today, I can say that I am a totally new person; my spiritual life has been upgraded. I am refreshed and equipped! Praise the Lord!! Hallelujah!!! 

Imafu, Nigeria



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