Healing from Heaven

This is an excellent read, with 13 revelation-packed chapters on healing and health. It offers clear insights into the realities of living in perfect health always. In it, Rev. Chris Oyakhilome takes us through the realms of possibilities, bringing testimonies of supernatural healing in the words of the testifiers.

The details of the testimonies are so touching that you can’t help but imagine the seemingly unending pains the testifiers experienced as they embarked on a faith journey in search of the solution to their chronic health conditions. Their amazing acts of great faith and eventual miracles make this book the best catalogue of God’s love and miracle working power ever to be read!

This is not just the usual book from the stand of a beautiful bookstore; rather, one full of revelation and inspiration! Half way through it and you will literally feel the presence of the healer around you. God’s words will come alive to you in a new way that will change your life forever.

This is a must-read!  It will ignite your spirit in an unusual way. If you need a miracle, delve into the pages of this book for a healing from heaven.