1.   Recognize your responsibility:

Soul winning is God’s number one job (Matthew 28:19-20), and as His children, it’s our responsibility to take His message of salvation to the nations of the world. Since God has instructed us to do this, it means we can and must do it. He’s depending on us to take the gospel to the world.

2.   Submit To The Holy Spirit:

Let the Holy Spirit direct your conversation and guide your responses whenever and wherever you share the Gospel. Also be obedient to obey His promptings to witness to others all week long—even if it is not during your scheduled soul winning time.

3.    Evaluate Your Progress:

If your desire is to see people saved, weekly ask yourself some evaluating questions: How many unsaved people am I currently cultivating a relationship with? How many people has God used me to reach? How many others am I involving in soul winning?

4.   Allocate Your Time:

There’s a saying among many that what doesn’t get scheduled often doesn’t get done. It’ a truism in certain aspect. Hence, regularly set aside time to reach out to the lost with the Gospel message of Christ, bringing them into the liberty of the sons of God. 

5.   Participate With A Partner:

Going soul winning with a regular partner provides mutual encouragement and accountability. If you are a new Christian, an experienced partner will train you, and if you are a mature soul winner, taking a young Christian with you allows you a discipling opportunity.

6.    Go In Expecting Faith:

Faith pleases God, and God honors faith. Trust God to use you when you go soul winning, and go with an expectant heart.

7.     Follow-Up:

There might be a list of people who are interested, but have not yet accepted your invitation to church or made the decision to trust Christ as Savior. Regularly visit, send a note, or call them. Remind them that you’re praying for them, and demonstrate your sincerity of interest in their eternal destiny.

Christ left us here with a purpose: to lead others to Him. I trust these tips will help you fulfill your call.